Highland 24

affordable senior housing

Highland 24 is a hill-side affordable housing development in the Anacostia district of Washington, DC. The building is on a “gateway” site with 24 apartments, roof deck, 4,000
square social service space and a 3,000 square foot community courtyard. The contemporary round brick corner, and building form that steps down the hill, was designed to fit in with smaller scale 1950s era brick apartment buildings that surround the site. This development is part of Highland Dwellings, a 208 unit, 14 acre public housing redevelopment. The initial planning work involved numerous resident community meetings and workshops to guide the development process. 

Location: Washington, D.C.

Client: District of Columbia Housing Authority

Architect: Alex Salazar, Design Architect, completed this project while at Torti Gallas and Partners. Alex Salazar led the design team from Schematic through Bid / Permit phases.

Units: 24 apartments

Sustainability: Enterprise Green Communities and HUD CFRC Green Building

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