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We've opened a Portland office!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

This post kicks off a new phase of my firm’s work. While we are in the San Francisco Bay Area seeking California work, I recently opened an office in Portland, Oregon! In Portland I am actively networking with affordable housing developers to find new projects in Oregon and Washington states. Why Portland? I’ve been visiting the city often since the early 2000s. Like the Bay Area at that time, Portland has a diversity of incomes but is also experiencing a high-tech / high-end housing boom. Some people call it the “Portlandia” or “Armisen” effect, as younger folks relocate to the area, perhaps motivated by the popular TV show (see this NYTimes article). But the rise in displacement and homelessness is all too familiar. In opening this new location I am re-invigorated with a renewed sense of purpose: putting affordable housing advocacy lessons from the Bay Area to good use while continuing to design innovative housing for those most in need!

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